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How to Maximize Your Travel Dollar and Minimize Annoyances

hurricaneThe question vexing many travelers is whether to purchase travel insurance.

If nothing happens on a vacation except fun, not having the insurance saved the traveler money.

However, when disaster strikes in the form of robbery, natural disaster, or sickness, travel insurance may be "very nice to have."

The added advantage to having comprehensive travel insurance is that it also covers many contingencies at home.

"If a traveler’s home is ruined by a tornado, their travel-insurance policy may cover them to cancel their trip or come home early and receive reimbursement," says Sarah Byrne, marketing manager at, an online site for comparing and purchasing travel insurance.

Although many travelers would cut a trip short if they found out something bad happened to their home, almost none would think to make a travel-insurance claim. Why? Because they didn’t know they could.

Kathy Townend, a marketing manager at CSA Travel Protection, says having the option to file a claim would give travelers the chance to get back unused trip expenses, along with the costs of flights to get home.

"This provides extra protection and peace of mind," she says, "that unforeseen expenses are covered not just if something happens on the trip, but also at home while they are away."

According to Squaremouth, some travel-insurance policies offer more protection than others in the case of a natural disaster. For the best coverage, the site recommends that travelers avoid policies that have a 10-day time frame limitation.

Policies with this limitation cover travelers only if their homes are ruined within 10 days of traveling. As a result, says Byrne, if a traveler’s home is ruined while he or she is traveling, the traveler will not be covered to come home early and receive reimbursement.

Squaremouth offers products from 21 travel-insurance carriers, helping customers instantly quote, compare and buy policies. The company guarantees to remove any company from its Web site if there is a customer complaint that cannot be resolved to Squaremouth’s satisfaction.
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